Have you check out Sun Basket lately ?????????

We hope your summer is going great and is filled with lots of sun and fun. As the summer is coming to a close soon and kids are getting ready to go back to school, Sun Basket wants to make it easier for parents in the kitchen.
Here are some new ways that you can speak to your audience about how Sun Basket can help ease the chaos of back to school, and take one thing off a parent’s list!
Sun basket has launched their new breakfast, lunch, snacks and other dinner add ons, making it easier than ever to send your kid off to school fully prepared to tackle their school day on a healthy full belly! All of the products available are held to the highest standards, often organic and always antibiotic and hormone-free, and test tasted by Sun Basket’s chefs for quality flavor as well. Everything from adding additional salad mix to your menu, to chocolate-covered crickets (we’re not kidding!) now Sun Basket can help parents eat and feed their children with the same quality standards as Sun Basket dinners.

You can check all the new menu items out here:
Up to $70 off
And check out some of the great back to school content here from Sun Basket: Treat your teacher to a year of Sun Basket for free!

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