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Garlic Sugar Snap Peas - Slender Kitchen

Garlic sugar snap peas are made in less than five minutes for the tastiest side dish for any meal. These healthy, slight sweet veggies are a favorite for kids and a good way to get everyone to eat their veggies. Plus sugar snap peas are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Serve them with Chicken or Honey Garlic Salmon.
Sugar snap peas rank up there as one of my favorite veggies and I am constantly dipping them in hummus, adding them to stir-fries, and sautéing them as a quick side dish. I love their slightly sweet taste and crunch. The snap peas are very quickly cooked in coconut or vegetable oil and garlic until just cooked and beginning to brown. Then they are tossed with a bit of soy sauce and black pepper. Ready in under 5 minutes and delicious .
The one thing I don’t love about snap peas is the prep work they take and to be honest, I normally buy them pre-prepped to save some time. However if you buy them fresh, you will want to cut off the ends and peel away the string from the snap pea. I find that sometimes the easiest way to do this is by gently snapping off the tip from one end and pulling it off with the string all one motion. If you aren’t sure how to do this, look for a video tutorial or buy prepared snap peas.
If you are cooking them in a pan stove-top, then they will only take 3-5 minutes to become tender crisp. If you decide to boil them, they take about 3 minutes. For roasting them in the oven, it will take 8-10 minutes in a 400 degree oven. In all cases, you want to cook the peas until they are tender crisp not until they get mushy. The best sugar snap peas still have a little crunch and are bright green.
Even though they have sugar in the name, sugar snap peas have about the same amount of carbs as snow peas and regular peas. With around 5.25 grams of carbohydrates per half cup, they can work for a low carb or ketogenic diet when used in moderation. Since they have a sweeter flavor, they are popular both raw and cooked. Many low carb eaters like to add them to stir-fries and sautés to add a bit natural sweetness without adding too many carbs.
These snap peas are versatile and work with tons of different main dishes. I often serve them with a quick grilled or baked protein like chicken or pork tenderloin. For a vegetarian entrée, these snap peas are delicious over a bowl of brown rice with chickpeas, carrots, cabbage.

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