Low Carb Diet Mistakes - 7 Most Common

Low Carb Diet Mistakes – 7 Most Common

Video show most common 7 low carb diet mistakes people make. See More Low Carb Foods Below: Low Carb Cheese, Nuts and Seeds: https://www.general-health-tips.com/low-carb-cheese-nuts-and-seeds Best Low Carb Fruits and Veggies: https://www.general-health-tips.com/best-low-carb-fruits-and-veggies Low Carb Fish, Meat, Poultry and Sea Food: https://www.general-health-tips.com/low-carb-fish-meat-poultry-and-sea-food

Tasty 101: How To Cook Burgers

Tasty 101: How To Cook Burgers

Buy the Tasty Cookbook Today: http://bit.ly/2zVLRyd  Check us out on Facebook! – facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/30706 MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com)

Lacy, Crisp, and Chewy Ricotta Cookies Are the Mis...

Lacy, Crisp, and Chewy Ricotta Cookies Are the Mis…

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] Two days after Christmas, while playing around with some leftover ricotta, I made a delicious mistake. The goal had been to make a batch of Italian ricotta cookies with a brown butter twist, but, thanks to some miscalculation, the experiment fell flat…literally. The cookie dough started out nice and thick, then puffed […]


14 Passover Dinner Recipes for a Super Seder

[Photograph: Daniel Gritzer, Vicky Wasik, J. Kenji López-Alt] Technically, the most important part of Passover is, of course, the seder itself. But no one comes to a seder without expecting to be fed a proper meal, especially after they’ve drunk all that wine. Passover dinners tend to be marked by firmly entrenched traditions, upheld by […]



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20 Sunny Citrus Recipes: Salads, Entrées, Ice Crea...

20 Sunny Citrus Recipes: Salads, Entrées, Ice Crea…

[Photographs: Jennifer Olvera, Emily and Matt Clifton, Vicky Wasik] Spring is almost in reach, but based on the weather—and the selection at my local farmers market—winter isn’t giving up just yet. When I need a taste of warmer days, I immediately turn to citrus. Lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits are mercifully in peak season just […]

Debunking the paleo diet | Christina Warinner | TE...

Debunking the paleo diet | Christina Warinner | TE…

TED Fellow Christina Warinner is an expert on ancient diets. So how much of the diet phad the “Paleo Diet” is based on an actual Paleolithic diet? The answer is not really any of it. Dr. Christina Warinner has excavated around the world, from the Maya jungles of Belize to the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, […]

The Best Can Openers | Serious Eats

The Best Can Openers | Serious Eats

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik. Videos: Serious Eats Video] Peek into the Serious Eats pantry, and you’ll see plenty of cans. There’s no shame in using them. While tomato season is justifiably exciting, it’s also fleeting—the rest of the year, you’ll need a can opener to make flavorful tomato sauces. As much as we prefer to start […]

14 Showstopping Cakes to Make Any Occasion Special

14 Showstopping Cakes to Make Any Occasion Special

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik, Yvonne Ruperti, J. Kenji López-Alt] When it comes to dessert you have no shortage of options—cupcakes, brownies, pies, and more—but for a celebration you just can’t beat a cake. A towering layer cake like our devil’s food or coconut varieties will always impress, but that’s just the start. Whether you’re celebrating a […]

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