Banana Pancakes

Three Ingredient Banana and Egg Pancakes

Banana pancakes are always in our house. I make them 2 to 3 times a week and love that I can quickly choose to make them Paleo with coconut flour or go more traditional with a whole wheat or all purpose flour. They are quick, easy, and super tasty.
There is something about the process of making them and then sitting down to smother them in fruit, syrup, or with lots of melted butter. However since there isn’t always time for complex pancake recipe, these three ingredient banana pancakes can be the perfect solution. Made with just bananas, eggs, and your choice of pancake mix you can make them from start to finish in under 10 minutes. I like to top mine with lots of melted butter and fresh bananas.
Three Ingredient Banana and Egg Pancakes stacked on a plate with bananas and strawberries.
Vegetable oil, as needed
2 large eggs
1 ripe medium banana
Heat a skillet over medium heat and add some oil.
Blend the eggs and banana in a blender until very smooth, 30 seconds to a minute. Pour the banana mixture in the hot skillet and cook for 1 minute. Flip and cook another minute. Serve immediately bananas and strawberries.
If you are Paleo or gluten free, these pancakes can be made with coconut flour or almond flour. A store bought Paleo flour, like this one, will also work.
Although I call these three ingredient pancakes, I usually add some cinnamon and vanilla extract to my pancakes mix as well. It adds a nice flavor to the pancakes.
To up the protein in the pancakes, add some nut butter to the batter. You can also mix in some sliced almonds.
These pancakes come out relatively thin so I don’t like to add fruit to the actual batter. Instead serve it on top of the pancakes.
If you don’t like banana you can use just about any fruit that you like.

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